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Hans Anders

Leading optics and hearing aids retail chain in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France

Founded in 1982 in the Netherlands, Hans Anders is the leading optical and hearing device retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has further extended its geographic footprint to Sweden, where it holds important positions and France, where it is one of the fastest growing player.

Hans Anders positions itself on the value for money segment, capitalizing on a network of more than 430 stores in its 4 key countries.

Over the past 5 years, the group has significantly expanded its customer base through product range extensions and expansion of its store network.

The group benefits from a distinctive brand value, well-defined store concept and a scalable logistics platform.

Key Milestones:

2012: Disposal of Het Huis (Netherlands) and introduction of branded products in Hans Anders
2013:Acquisition of Direkt Optik (Sweden)
2014: Introduction of the new store concept

Industry Retail
Country Belgium
Date of investment 04-2011
Turnover 190 M€
Status Realized