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Soft discount retailer in clothing and bazaar

Stockomani is a "soft-discount" retailer with a network of supermarket stores outside urban cities.

The group offers a diversified range of 25,000 products in segments such as clothing, house equipment, personal care and food. Stokomani's concept revolves around shops with a floorspace of around 1,000 m2.

The product sourcing is efficiently handled in-house by the purchase of surplus stock and/or discontinued products from large, branded, consumer-good companies, and completed by a regular sourcing in low-cost countries.

Stokomani took advantage of its unique concept of soft and hard discounter showing a particularly high ratio of Sales/Square Meters. The group also benefited from a fast-growing market (recession times, increased poverty, unemployment and low penetration of the big players such as Auchan or Carrefour).

Stokomani had a competitive edge with its exceptional know-how in sourcing and purchasing, as the balance between both branded and unbranded products was kept optimum.

Thanks to the expansion strategy, developed by Alpha and the management, Stokomani strongly expanded by opening 8 megastores and doubling its sales in 3 years, therefore beating its initial plan and bringing its total number of stores to 16 by the time of Alpha's exit.

Industry Retail
Country France
Date of investment 12-2003
Turnover 83 M€
Status Realized