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Safic Alcan

Wholesaler of natural products and specialty chemicals

Safic Alcan is one of the leading European chemical wholesale trading companies.

The group prepares, sells and distributes specialty chemicals used in the manufacture of Rubber, Polyurethanes, Adhesives, Thermoplastics, Coatings, Cosmetics, Phamaceuticals, Food, Detergents, and other Chemicals.

Up to 2005, Safic was also active in a palm oil and commodities trading.

The primary focus of our strategy was to separate the two businesses of the group, i.e. natural products (palm oil) and specialty chemicals, and to sell them separately in order to extract full value out of Safic.

Alpha was key in splitting the two businesses and in the disposal of the commodities trading business to a trade buyer. A move that allowed to redeem all of the debt early in the LBO. The speciality chemicals division was then developed with

Alpha's support through acquisitions in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in France and China. It was subsequently sold to an investment fund.

Industry Distribution B to B
Country France
Date of investment 01-2004
Turnover 257 M€
Status Realized