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Manufacturer of automated production lines for wholesale bakeries

Created in 1964, Mecatherm designs and manufactures automated, high through-put, production lines of white-bread, baguette, and other bakery products (fresh or frozen, baked or pre-baked, on trays or on stone).

Mecatherm's production lines are found in large and mid-size industrial bakeries producing short-life bread. They have the capacity to produce up to 16 000 baguettes per hour.

The group realizes most of its sales outside France. The market for industrial short life bread bakery has undergone strong growth all over the world over the past decade.

Mecatherm benefits from the significant growth of the underlying markets, since industrial bread production is to substitute to mom and pop bakery shops. Furthermore the company has developed smaller sized ovens in order to serve smaller sized customers.

Alpha has been key in negotiating and executing the acquisition of Gouet in October 2007, the rationale being to add a complementary product line to Mecatherm's as Gouet focuses on the smaller sized segment.

In 2009, Mecatherm was able to maintain its n° 1 worldwide position despite difficult market conditions.

Industry Industrial goods
Country France
Date of investment 04-2006
Turnover 91 M€
Status Realized